In 2017 EU Allows Corporations To Sue Democracy For Profit Loss

It started with TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). But people, at least those who knew, were so outraged that they had to drop it.

So now we have CETA. A smaller proto-type of TTIP that got in under the radar. The difference?

Well, with TTIP, any corporation headquartered within the TTIP jurisdiction – bear in mind the first T stands for “Trans-Atlantic” – could sue any nation held under the agreement.

Under CETA it’s only those corporations that have headquarters in Canada. Whatever that means. In 2001 a friend once offered to set me up a business with “offices” in New York and London for thirty quid; it took a single phone call.

As the Sierra Club (US) has noted, corporations headquartered in the 12 or more nations signing on to the TPP would be able to sue the US over energy and other policies that protect local communities.

–  Joyce Nelson, The Ecologist

The Canadian government, at the behest of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement between Mexico, the USA and Canada), has been sued one-hundred-and-twenty-five million euros, with one-and-a-quarter-billion euros in lawsuits pending. And all for things like trying to protect people’s health, the environment, or people’s rights.

And if you think Brexit will save us here in the United Kingdom, think again.

CETA would remain in force for 20 years after we leave the EU. That’s 20 years of corporations taking British governments to task for passing laws and regulations designed to protect people and the planet.

– Nick Dearden, The Guardian

If you’re curious why you’ve never heard of any of this, it’s because the corporations pushing for the trade agreements have been trying to keep it secret from you. Even, somehow, from MEPs.

Is it 1984? No, it’s 2017. That explains why you must’ve just missed it on Channel 4 news… You’ve been asleep for thirty-three years! The media would never let something so important slip by us unnoticed like that, would they. I mean, that would be…

Want to know more? Ask your democratic representative by going here and then please tell us what they say in the comments.


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